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The Sims: The enduring appeal of the second life simulator

November 10, 2020

Twenty years after it first launched, The Sims is still going strong. Much more than a nostalgic relic of the noughties, the game has a thriving community of fans. In this episode, Tara, a longtime player of the game, explains it’s enduring appeal to Simran — a self-identified Sims noob.

We get into the tensions of escapism and introspection within the game and talk about the challenges of reflecting the ‘real world’ in a simulation. We’ll also ask: is The Sims “a beguiling capitalist fantasy” or can a more meaningful commentary on consumerism be found amongst the hypnotic tones of the ‘buy mode’ music? 

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Clips used in this episode: 

The Sims 1- House Fire

Sims 1: Craziest Party Ever…

The Sims 1: The Tragic Clown

The Sims 1 - All Places to "Play with" (Woohoo)

Lily Allen - Smile (Simlish)

The Sims Soundtrack: Build Mode 1


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